Finally,I have found my "last choice" to continue my study in a higher level..
Im really confused and scared about 3 months ago..
There are many problems I have to handle and Im out of my control to overcome it..
Every obstacle is the aid for me to step forwards..

Now only I know there is not a need to worry so much as you put the trust in God,
He will be your guide and lead you to the way He wants you to be.


Making new friends is not difficult and dont always be doubted and passive to make new friends.
In a new place you're like a white clean paper and this is the place you can start planning,creating your life.

Courage is always the needed to move the first step;Skills are the followings that can help you to develop.


In college,there is not a need to compete with people and even frame others to achieve your goal.
Always the winner is the one who has strength.

Strength can decide all.


Dont attempt to blame others when you get into hot soup.You have to be alert,intelligent and sensitive to overcome the struggles in front of you.

Pointing an accusing finger to others will only waste time and the most important thing to do is to calm down yourself.The calm people can think the best way to bring the problem to the end;people with anger will only bring himself to the end.



Nurses like to compete with us when we all want to get into the bus to go back hostel.And always I can hear the sounds made by the nurses"Be gentlemen ,let we go up first!"

Yes,man should do something gentlemen to the girls.Yet not the rude girls without thinking about others and fulfill themselves with selfishness.This reflects the real world.Everyone will do and say whatever to get what they want.But I trust that I have a fair God.He will judge anything all human beings done in the world.



Today's newspapers tells me that there are three UTAR students drown at the waterfall and lost their lives.When their parents know the bad news,they cry sadly and I cant imagine how sad they could be.I felt sympathy towards them,and I can do nothing.I can just pray.

Life is brief.This news tell me to love my life and live my life to the fullest.


One of the Utar student,Khor,just like me,had a blog before.He is a people with his own thinking and from the victims's blog,it can be seen that he is a intellignte boy who may succeed in the futute.He wants to be someone extraordinary.But when he dies,many people rushes to his blog and one has left a comment like this,"strange that you will never read this message but do rest in peace"

Dont think yourself that you are so powerful and strong! When we stand in front of God,our power and strength seems nothing to Him.But there is always a truth,He loves us.Do believe that.



Lack of money to study as it needs much money to continue our studies in college.Be honest that you are poor student who has not enough money to study,but know that it is all coming from the God who can bless you with grace.

Money is important.Yet the faith towards God is the head of all things in world.We should be grateful all the time that we still can breathe and have the chance to look arond the scenery and amazing works done by God.Dont worry about money and others,worry about the faith toward God.



With friends,there is no point to be angry to someone.Even I get scold by my friends and now I TRY to calm down myself and get to the root why Im getting scolded so that I can make expalantions.When one realise that he is doing wrong with us although he may not apologize over this,but he is sure regretful to do so.

Forget and forgive is the way that God admires us to do.And with this,we will be happy and can even live longer life in this world.



Meet with many childish people in life is super super normal condition.Why you feel that they are childish?Just because you are mature enough?Do remember that we're also the one who have been doing childish things before.

Handle chidlish action by friends intelligently,learning.



Get close with someone is easy but get yourself suitable to a new situation is more complicated.
Dont always be staying in the same point without moving forward neither you are not courageous to do nor you are scared to do.

There is always a way out when you get into a rough situation.In that time,just relav yourself and use the optimistic perspectives to look around.Try to love the nature,the people,everything that you have.Do praise the God.



I have created a new slogan for myself:

Im born to be strong.

But Im not born to be the strongest,Bcoz Im born by the strongest.




Add oil bah Wil

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