Finally,after two months with abnormal life
(sleep at morning 4 o clock and wake up at 9am if gt class,in opposition wake up at 3pm at noon..)


Im sick...sick badly...My throat hurts and I feel so painful when I drinking...*sob*

This is due to I did not drink for  long time and my throat has been left in a thirsty and dry condition...So,my throat is bleeding...

Feeling so uncumfortable with this...Tomorrow is my mid term test...I havent study yet...I have made up my mind to rush for my study and now Im laying on my bed and feel so sleepy although I have slept for almost one whole day...hAIz.....Pray for me.... :(

My sem break is coming soon....I dont want my sem break as same as the one in August...bcoz Im really not satisfied with the sem break as I just SLEPT to pass the days...May be is the time for me to help my father...Not only can know hopw the factory operates and I can also accompany my parents as i know that It is important to cherish who or what in front of me... =]

I anticipate the coming days of Christmas bcoz We all can enjoy again..Hehes...Jz like the year before,We all enjoy so much by sharing gospel by performing many events in front of public...But I enjoy the most is the time to gather with my "Church mates"....


"Strategics to know liar"

I have such book in my room now,but I dont have time to read this...I feel that technology is useful for us,but sometimes can block us from moving forward..It brings pro and cons...But now my laptop has ruined my life badly...Any suggestions to help me??I think depends on myself...I have to control myself And I need faith to do it..Every task in this world needs faith...If we have faith,we can win easily...In another term of faith--confidence...


Hope I can score my mid term wf flying colours..

Hope I can have a meanigful sem break..


Time to pull up my socks =)

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